Customised service offering to suit client needs

Whether big or small in size, companies, agencies, non-profit, government, and associations all have different marketing needs.  With this in mind, owner and founder, Alison Spratley established BrandVision Communications in 2001.

What we do is customise our service offering on each project and brand we work with. We hand pick not only the team but based on our extensive knowledge and experience we are able to choose from a vast toolbox of exciting marketing functions to suit each individual client we work with.

Some clients require strategy and marketing plans, others a PR and media liaison service. Some need an event concept and others merely need someone to production manage their event. Customising a marketing service is what makes it really fun.

What also makes us tick is that we have worked with hundreds of local and international brands, from many industry sectors, so we have built up an extensive list of preferred media, suppliers and contacts.

The top benefits in a customised marketing service noted by our clients are: 

  • pick and choose the service you need - at that time
  • get to work with a qualified handpicked team that is suited to the budget, and
  • have an extension to own teams, inhouse and agency alike, on an ad hoc basis

The marketplace is in constant change, clients need to be flexible to be able to adapt to change, and BrandVision Communications provides support to those with, and those without, a marketing team.


Alison Spratley Founding CEO and Owner

Alison’s passion for all things marketing is showcased in the many local and international brands she has worked on. She provides strategic direction and a holistic approach to each and every project to ensure teams are aligned in achieving clients marketing objectives.

Prior to establishing BrandVision Communications, Alison held several senior marketing and business positions including Southern African Marketing Manager- Price Waterhouse; Group Communications Manager - ITC; National Olympic Program Manager South Africa; Licensing Manager for Cricket World Cup and Rugby World Cup; Head of Communications - Electoral Commission; Pro20 Schools Cricket Media Manager; Managing Director of a PR Agency, Operations Manager for a PR Consultancy; Head of Media Joburg Indaba.

Alison provides insight across all marketing functions including strategy, communications, public relations, media, creative concepts, sponsorship, event logistics, agency operations and business management.

Coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, Alison’s solid leadership style and wicked sense of humour, drives a passionate team of like-minded professionals.